Dead Daesh at Til Abyad.

Airstrikes killed at least six daesh at Til Abyad. This one is about 16 years old.

France Calls For Aid From The EU To Fight Daesh As John Kerry Flies Into Paris

“Daesh will feel even greater pressure. They’re feeling it today, they felt it yesterday, they’ve felt it in the past weeks, we’ve gained more territory, Daesh has less territory”


Pakistan Rules Out ISIS (Daesh) Presence

Pakistan’s Foreign Secretary, Aizaz Ahmed Chadhry, has ruled out any possibility of the existence of the Islamic State (more commonly known as Daesh) in the country. There have been reports of lower level extremist organizations reaching out to the infamous group that has conquered large parts of Iraq and Syria, but Islamabad maintains that there is not the existence of any footprints of Daesh.


US Calls Daesh First ‘Social Media’ Terrorists – Khaleej Times

Defence Secretary Ashton Carter says Daesh has lesser capacity to carry out attacks in the US as compared to Europe.


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