Inside ISIS Documentary

In recent months, the Islamic State has been establishing a foothold in Iraq. The group swept in from Syria and captured a number of key areas, including Mosul, Iraq's second largest city. In addition to putting American personnel at risk, the IS has led a bloody campaign against religious minorities. Thousands of Yazidis refugees remain trapped in the Sinjar mountains with dwindling supplies of food and water. The U.S. has since begun launching airstrikes against the militants. But how did the conflict come to be?

Telegram Messaging App Shuts Down 78 ISIS Channels

On Tuesday, CNNMoney reported that Telegram had become popular among ISIS members for its promise of highly encrypted communication. It’s “the new hot thing among jihadists,” said Laith Alkhouri, director of Research at Flashpoint Global Partners.


GOP Looks To Seize Security Advantage Over ISIS – Cnnpolitics.Com

GOP candidates are piling on President Barack Obama over the rise of ISIS after Friday’s Paris attacks. Sensing political vulnerability following his at-times defensive comments about the tragedy at a press conference on Monday, they are trying to make the most of what could be a pivotal moment in the 2016 campaign.


ISIS Says Photo Shows Bomb On Russian Plane – CNN.Com

The photograph shows a soft drink can and two components that appear to be a detonator and a switch, explosives expert Anthony May said.


ISIS Magazine Details Attacks, Expansion Into New Countries

Even as ISIS was plotting major terror attacks in Europe and the Middle East in recent months, it was also displaying a voracious appetite for conventional military conquests, an expansion into other countries such as Bangladesh — and a reliance on new techniques like targeted assassinations.


Boko Haram Ranked Ahead Of ISIS For Deadliest Terror Group

DAKAR, Senegal — As much of the world remains focused on the Islamic State and its horrific attacks in Paris, another radical band of extremists has, by one account, captured the infamous title of the world’s deadliest terrorist group: Boko Haram.


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