Pro Wrestling League Starting

Indra Gandhi Stadium Pro Wrestling League. Khel fauladi Indian Kushti.THE Pro Wrestling League is a big leap in the history of oldest combat sport. An initiative of ProSportify and Wrestling Federation of India, PWL is the richest wrestling event ever. The league in the inaugural year offers a prize purse of Rupees 15 crore including the total prize purse of Rs. 3 crore. PWL with 6 city-based franchisee teams will have a Pan-India reach. Each team will have 9 players – 5 Indians, 4 foreign , 5 men, 4 women. In the inaugural year, PWL will feature a total of 18 ties – 15 in the league phase, 2 semi-finals and the Grand Finale. Each tie will be contested on the best of 7 bouts formats; interestingly all seven bouts will be contested in the League Phase. PWL guarantees a minimum of 150 bouts. The League will be played under the PWL Rules, conforming to the United World Wrestling and Wrestling Federation of India rules.

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